Neighborhood Profile Redirection

The LiveBy neighborhood finder provides automatic redirection to neighborhood profiles based on an address or lat/lon coordinate. This can be used to create links on property pages that direct homebuyers to neighborhood information for a property or listing.

Here's an example of a dynamic link to direct to the neighborhood profile for a lat/lon coordinate:

<a href="" target="_blank">
  View Neighborhood Profile

Redirection URL

The base URL for the neighborhood redirector is:

Additional query parameters are used to direct the user to the correct neighborhood profile based on the brokerage, address, or lat/lon.

Required Parameters


The brokerage parameter is required, and should be the the same as the last part of the neighborhood finder URL, like woodsbros.


Note: If only the brokerage parameter is provide, the user will be directed to the brokerage's neighborhood finder page powered by LiveBy.

Optional Parameters


If the latitude and longitude coordinates for a location are known, they can be specified as the query parameters lat, and lon.



If the latitude and longitude are not known, a complete address can be specified using the address parameter. The address parameter must be a url-encoded/escaped string which includes the address, street, city, state, and zip.


Note that the address query parameter should be encoded/escaped using encodeURIComponent or something similar (like rawurlencode in PHP).


The optional utm_source parameter identifies the referring source domain and is used for analytics purposes. It's usually a short string, like woodsbros.



The optional utm_medium parameter identifies the location of the link on the referring page, and is used to track the success of the placement of a link in different locations or mediums.

Some possible values for utm_medium might be property_listing, banner, or sidebar. While this parameter is optional, it allows LiveBy to provide analytics about the success or popularity of neighborhood profile links in varying locations.